“Just where you are-that’s the place to start.”
-Pema Chodron


I’ve been writing my whole life, and my journal has been my constant receptacle for the truth since I could string sentences together. What I know for certain is that there is no faster and simpler way to process my life, get connected to myself and develop clarity than through my daily writing practice.

No matter what stage of life you’re in or what your writing goals are, Journaling is the perfect tool to help you get there, and starting right where you are is the only place to start. Whether you’ve written all the things or haven’t put a pen to page in decades, my Journaling workshops are designed to meet you right where you are and get you writing without restraints.

You might be right for my Journaling workshops if you:

  • Want to be a better writer
  • Want to write more
  • Want to write at all
  • Want to write freely, without the red pen behind you
  • Are in the midst of life change and crave connection
  • Are busy, overworked and searching for presence
  • Are perfectly fine, but maybe not totally (I see you, over there)
  • Could use a community of generous, hilarious and supportive writers beside you
  • Want to unpack old stories
  • Have a story you’re dying to tell
  • Need to get back to basics
  • Long to deepen your spiritual practice
  • Want to know yourself more
  • Desire to heal old wounds
  • Wish to ignite creativity
  • Are ready to reclaim joy in your life
  • Are a human being

In other words, Journaling is for everyone, and creative growth is our shared birth right. Join me for this next session of Journaling online, and get up to the good work of daily writing, weekly webinars with like-minded writers and putting pen to page on your own terms.

Here’s what to expect from my workshops:

Journaling workshops are taught in 6 week formats with daily prompts delivered to your email inbox and a weekly, one hour meeting via webinar to support a consistent, personal writing practice. Class sizes are small, and I work closely to coach students into an individualized writing process that supports meeting established writing goals (don’t worry-we’ll establish these together) and having fun while they’re at it (we laugh almost as much as we write)!

Winter writing workshops begin in January 2019 with limited availability. To learn more, contact me!

Mindful Writing: Journaling for Creative Growth
Oftentimes, the only way to access your creative potential is to put away your plans and simply get curious. In this structured, 6 week online journaling workshop, we will write our way through our stuck spots and shut down spaces in search of renewed creativity and personal growth. Through writing prompts, class discussion (once per week via webinar) and weekly writing assignments, we’ll explore the process of journaling for the purposes of igniting creativity and rediscovering joy in our writing.

Cost: $165
Interested in learning more? Contact me. Limited space available.