My site is getting a fresh look, and you can probably tell. I want you to know that I have done essentially NOTHING to contribute to the beauty of this site, and I’m good with that, because I have the artistic ability of an incredibly unartistic ant. Anyway, I KNOW people who are creative, smart, talented and FUN to work with (thank goodness!), and I hired one of them, Saige Yonika, to help me brand my site with a logo and imagery.

If you need creative design work, I HIGHLY recommend Saige for the job. I sat down with Saige and her cherubic and rather perfect baby (bonus: she has a baby!) to discuss the work I needed done, and offered her almost no direction (God bless you again, Saige). Anyway, I told her that I like “warm colors,” and I wanted something “whimsical.” How she did not walk out on me right then is a miracle, and a testament to her ability. No, she stayed, went home, and in a matter of days sent me EXACTLY what I was looking for. That’s talent AND love right there, folks.

It’s going to take a village for me to fully realize this half-assed vision I have for this site, and I KNOW that. I’m going to need people who can help me make it look good, and make it work just right. I’m going to need people to read it, and then I’m going to need my family to keep supporting me while I write it. This is my little garden I’m growing, but I am well aware that your hands will help it to grow.

Thank you to Saige for my fresh vibes! If you’re curious about her work, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you in her direction. Until then, hooray for our village! For talented people like Saige! And lucky ones like me!