Hi! I’m Mira.


Hey! That’s me!

I’m a married mom of two kids who works part time as a freelance writer. In the midst of marriage, parenting, politics and every day life, I have learned there are few things I need more than myself, my writing and YOU, my village.

I write (almost) every day to get connected, tell the truth and FIND JOY. I’m here to share my present, without glossy filters, contouring, big hair and spanks (read: unshowered, yoga pants, coffee stains). I’m here to spread out and take up space and show you that the present is messy, and it is always enough. 

Stay, hang out, pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s get into it. Seriously, being connected is the only agenda I’ve got, so take a deep breath and join me in sharing my daily present.