This week is kicking my ass. I’m busy with my day job, the kids, my husband’s work schedule, doctor’s appointments and our house. I feel like I’m spinning, and at the end of every day, I want to literally unplug my brain and have someone or something else do the work.

Multi-tasking used to be my special super hero strength, a quality in myself that I considered to be a true reflection of my ability to be and do all things! Before having kids, I was PROUD to run like a wild chicken through my life. I was too busy to sit down for long, too necessary to the many balls always spinning in the air. I liked going fast and relying on my instincts, most of the time.

After having kids, I straight up LIVE to do one thing at a time. I want to stand still and stir my damn stir fry. I want to read a few pages in my book without getting up every 2 minutes for milk or snacks or tears, etc. When I start juggling, I have an actual physical response that I cannot ignore, and I find that I have to stop, drop and put down, or else. I have to choose one thing to be with, and put everything else aside for later.

I’m no longer a happy multi-tasker, is what I’m saying. I’m no longer a joyful juggler, is what I am telling you. I am infinitely more happy when I am taking my time and taking one step and then another (and maybe stopping there, because let’s face it-being mediocre feels GOOD).

Since I prefer to walk through life without hyperventilating once a day, I am learning that I have to, HAVE TO stay very connected to my precise priorities. At every moment. Because then, it is easy to see that so many things can so easily be put down, and I can swiftly return to being the day-to-day under-performer that I am perfectly happy being. I finally, truly do prefer to focus on what matters rather than on a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t. Who knew?!

Here are my priorities, in no particular order:

  • My children
  • Myself
  • My marriage
  • My family
  • My work
  • My sleep
  • My health
  • My writing
  • My friendships

So, this isn’t rocket science, but it usually helps me to see that I don’t need to obsess or worry or even doubt anything I am up to. I just need to decide if it fits into the particular priority that I am focusing on at that one specific time, and if it doesn’t? BYE, FELICIA.

I’m officially putting all thoughts about things related to being a homeowner ON THE BACKBURNER for the rest of the day. I am officially putting facebook, the internet and emails ON THE BACKBURNER for the rest of the day. I am officially putting all thoughts about my calendar, christmas shopping and the kids’ schedules ON THE BACKBURNER for the rest of the day.

Doing less and not even sad about it. Bam!